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Case Studies

Functional nutrition is the rave and something we can all achieve through our diets and with a little help from supplements. For this client's case, we dove deep into the function (and dysfunction) of the tiny organelles, mitochondria, that produce our energy.

We approached the task by highlighting how functional nutrition can support the longevity of cell organelles—and thus our energy that keeps us feeling young. Both being desires for today’s modern world. But how to achieve them?

In the brainstorming process, we asked why staying beautiful and youthful is a cultural phenomenon, accelerated using social media filters and the like. As we age, our energy and spark are what keep us truly young. Our internal health shines through no matter what you do to the outside, the functioning of our cells and energy producing cells is what keep us young.

We formatted the article as a health newsletter, but it can easily be used as blogpost, internal communications, highlighted in a health magazine, website, or company site focusing on healthy diets, aging, coaching, beauty advice columns, or other healthcare products and services with longevity and function as core theme.

Sustainable fashion and promoting an online web shop for secondhand clothing stores were the focus and need of the client. In the brainstorming process, we challenged ourselves to find a unique spin on the word sustainability, as it is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days.

So, we dove deeper into how human behavior will change within the five to ten years and reached a perspective worthy of attention – Owning is Obsolete.

We first started by digging into the latest scientific research regarding use, attitudes, and behavior in relation to sustainability trends in the fashion industry. This revealed recent research shedding light on the attitudes and behavior made available by an analysis of social media posts and engagement.

This is just one example of how our team crafts original and scientifically backed content, even for topics like collaborative consumption, finances, and luxury fashion.

We formatted the article as a blog post for your preview, but the content could be formatted as an insight report, newsletter, or as a physical flyer to be made available in secondhand stores. Lastly, many sections stand-alone which gives extra value when utilized as shorter messages in Social Media posts.

Color-coding is a particularly useful tool for indoor wayfinding. For example, hospitals paint colorful stripes on walls and floors that help patients and healthcare workers navigate.

This long-form article, formatted in a two-columned newsletter style that can be easily read both on screen and in print, explores recent wayfinding discoveries, including:

  1. how our age decides what colors we like
  2. where we prefer our wayfinding signs to be located

The content can be repurposed into short-form by reusing key points and phrases.

Newly available health technologies are helping us monitor and identify our own personal health trends more easily. For example, smart watches can give us timestamped information about our body so that we can track how our health status changes. At the same time, private blood tests can identify problem with our organs and more.

Stylized as a print magazine, this article delves into the pros and cons of this trend—the trend of building your own health trends—whether you are a professional athlete, or simply interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The content can easily be repurposed into short-form LinkedIn social posts.

Blockchain technology is a promising method of traceability in cold chain management. In this long-form piece, logistics managers and top-down decision-makers will learn why they should stay abreast of the latest developments in block chain technology. These technologies can:

  1. minimize contamination cases of fish and seafood
  2. avoid legal problems
  3. reduce transportation costs
  4. increase sustainability in the broader supply chain

Designed as a print magazine article, the content can be restructured into short-form by pulling insight from key paragraphs and highlighted facts.

Our process

When we begin your onboarding process and building your content, our domain editors perform an initial review of the academic literature, authority sources, and scientific developments in co-operation with our expert writers.

Once several ideas are generated, our writers draft more concrete proposals that resonate with your brand and content marketing objectives.

Your articles receive two-three rounds of editorial edits whilst ensuring SEO (Search Engine Optimization) requirements are met, if necessary. In the last step and prior to delivery your articles are meticulously copyedited, and attention is directed towards SEO, readability, and flow so there is a clear narrative that informs, performs, and entertains.


Editorial reviews
SEO Optimization

Final review

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